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Bringing out the BeAst In You

Step into a realm where shadows dance and magick reigns. The Vampyre Witch invites you to awaken your inner beast and embark on a transformative journey. Through her tenacious guidance, Lady Corvidae helps you embrace your inner power, unlocking the magick that lies within you. Having Jessica Corvidae as your spiritual ally helps you unlock your true power so you can shape your reality in whatever way you desire. Embrace the darkness, unleash your potential, and let the Vampyre Witch illuminate the path to your most extraordinary self.

Work With The Vampyre Witch

Psychic Readings

Readings offered by The Vampyre Witch provide profound insights into your past, present, and/or future. With her intuitive prowess and practical wisdom, she will guide you through the veils of the unknown. Through the convenience of online communication, you can receive a written psychic reading that delves deep into the essence of your being. The Vampyre Witch will tap into the energies surrounding you, utilizing her psychic gifts to offer clarity, guidance, and revelation.

Affordable Group Rituals

Experience the profound energy of collective enchantment through Community Group Rituals led by The Vampyre Witch. Immerse yourself in a sacred ritual where we harness the combined magickal power of many to create transformative and empowering ritual experiences for our community that is friendly to everyone’s budget.

Monthly Moon Rituals

Secure your spot in Lady Corvidae’s Monthly Moon Rituals.

Full Moon Ritual: click here
Dark Moon Ritual: click here

Custom Intensive Spellwork

With a profound understanding of the mystical arts, The Vampyre Witch crafts custom intensive candle spells that align with your deepest intentions and aspirations. Intensive work is used to work through your most stubborn resilient issues or bring forth the most dramatic change. Each spell is meticulously designed to harness the energy of the universe and catalyze the manifestation of your strongest desires.

Vampyre Guidance

Step into where shadows intertwine with the ethereal, and embrace the essence of the vampyre current. Through personalized coaching sessions, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of vampyre culture, traditions, and the dynamics of the community. From the intricacies of social structures to the celebration of authentic individuality, you will learn to navigate and find your place within this diverse and captivating community.

Budget Friendly Spellwork

Like a skilled alchemist, she crafts powerful spells that align with your intentions, while ensuring accessibility for all who seek her mystical services. With a keen understanding of the importance of affordability, The Vampyre Witch offers a range of spellwork options that cater to diverse budgets, allowing you to tap into the transformative energies of magick without sacrificing financial well-being.


Mentoring by The Vampyre Witch

Embark on a soaring spiritual journey with The Vampyre Witch as your guide, and let your soul take flight to new heights of enlightenment. Like the raven, she possesses an uncanny ability to navigate between realms, effortlessly traversing the boundaries of the physical and the metaphysical. With her wings of wisdom and her piercing sight, she will help you navigate the depths of your spirit, unravel the mysteries of your path, and guide you towards profound transformation. Embrace the power of spiritual coaching with Lady Lovelace, and watch as your spirit soars, embracing the vast expanses of your true potential.

Find & Feed Your Inner Vampyre

Manifest Magical Change in Your Life

Boost Your Magical Abilities

Embody Dark Goddess Energy

Gain Confidence & Boost Self Esteem

Explore Your Spiritual Soul