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I’m Jessica Corvidae

Also known as The Vampyre Witch! and I am Sanguis Lunarum’s Owner & Vampyre Priestess. I am very passionate about my work with the vampyre current & community and I love helping others decode the messages the aether has in store for you. My main spirit guides come to me in the form of Ravens. My Raven Spirit Guides fly through the liminal darkness between worlds and all around the realms picking up messages both good or bad and bringing them forth into the light. Ravens have always been known as messengers of the Gods. Foreboding creatures whose wisdom is to be heeded no matter if its positive or ominous.
My Ravens and I are so excited to share our abilities with you to help guide you through your most burning questions. We’d love to work with you! Thank you so much for visiting! I’m excited to meet you 💗🦇🗝



My Approach

I have been an awakened Vampyre & practicing Witch for around 20 years and a member of the greater vampyre community for around 7 years. Through my tenure with these communities, I have always been very passionate about my work helping others through their journeys with spirituality, witchcraft, and vampyrism.  As a professional witch, an intuitive reader, and a seasoned public servant, I have an enormous resume proving almost 15 years of dedicating my life to helping people in times of need on both corporeal and ethereal/cthonic realms. Let me tell you some key points about my approach to life and witchcraft! 

Hold on… You’re a Vampyre?!

Yes I am, seriously. No, I don’t literally think I’m undead immortal creature. It is a multi-faceted system of belief and identity sorcery that is a bit too complex to explain here. But it’s a thing, and you can learn more about it here.

I am a Chaotic Folk Witch

The short story is… I’m a bloody contradiction. Just kidding. sort of…

When you mix folk Paganism with chaos magick, dash in some omnism on top of the vampyrism… I’m what you get.

If I’m being real here, I’m what you get when you’re a teenager in the late 90’s early 2000’s wicca craze all grown up now and sorting through what you’ve learned and rewiring it to be more historically accurate & authentic to yourself.

My disposition now is seasoned with 20 years of practice that doesn’t fall under any umbrella neatly. I traverse a much more crooked & dark path now… and I’m hungry to expand my knowledge and wisdom in a never ending quest to research as much as I can.

Chaos Magick? Folk Paganism? Omnism? What?!

Omnism is the respect of or belief in all religious and spiritual faiths. I personally think there’s merit to all systems when they’re handled responsibly. I think a lot of spiritual faiths are like a cultural game of telephone, each tailored by the lens of their sociological variables.

Because of my omnistic view of the bigger picture, it allows me to utilize folk practices from many cultures in my spiritual regimen. I do this alongside academic research and traverse this path as respectfully as possible. I also recognize the importance of being comfortable in your own beliefs and the power that comes with fervently standing behind your beliefs no matter what, which aids in the “chaos magick” style.

Because of my style of belief and utilization of practices, the techniques I use in my magic are unique and come from a wide variety of places. I pull influence from ancient Greek, old Norse, and various ancient/medieval European influences.  I am also inspired by more modern styles of practice including Appalachian Conjure, New Orleans Voodoo, Chaos Magick, and Vampyric Magick from various sources.

I am a Daughter of Hekate

In 2002, I was 12 years old, and that’s when I was first drawn to Hekate. I still have the first drawing I did of her in class the day I felt pulled to explore a relationship with her. This was around the time I was having my vampyric awakening. Knowing what I know now coupled with the clarity of hindsight, it’s no wonder I was drawn to Hekate at that point. Hekate is the driving force behind my magick. She is my Mother Deity, Creatrix, and source of my Witch Flame. As the Keeper of the Crossroads between this plane and the others, along with so many other incredible things she does and is capable of, I revere her as the ultimate embodiment of the Dark Goddess and the Sacred Feminine.  I work with many spirit allies, but she has always stood at the helm as my Matriarch and Guide.

Corvids are my driving spirits.

“Corvidae” wasn’t just a quirky name, it’s the essence of my soul. I work with many Corvid spirit allies to the point where my bloodline is imprinted with it forever.

My Resume

Through my journey in the vampyre community I have gained a repertoire of invaluable experience. My efforts within the community have awarded me a list of titles that I don’t speak about often, but have nonetheless earned through my hard work and merit:

Daughter of Stephen O’Mallie & Elder of the O’Mallie Clan

On September 28, 2018 I was officially given the honor of being sired into the prestigious O’Mallie bloodline by Lord Stephen O’Mallie himself. I am privileged to be recognized as one of his progeny and an Elder in the family and community by his grace and blessing.

Headmistress & Lady of The Vampyre Coven

Leading the Global Vampyre Community platform known as “The Vampyre Coven” since December of 2020.

Lady of The Vampyre Witch Society

The Vampyre Witch Society is my personal online community that supports my work as a Vampyric Witch blazing a folk magic trail to the River of Blood specifically tailored towards use by other Vampyres.

Founder & Mother Crow of House Omnia Corvus

Founder & Progenitor of the Mobtown Halo’s longest running Vampyric House that is still active to this day (that has made its presence publicly known)

Progenitor & Protector of the Mobtown Halo

Jessica sits as the leading organizer and protector of the Mobtown Halo (Baltimore, Maryland’s Vampyre Community) and has done so since her regency with the VCB in 2017.

Jessica sits as the leading organizer and protector of the Mobtown Halo and has done so since her regency with the VCB in 2017.

& Other Community Accomlades Including:


These titles were mostly given to me by others, not something I set out to collect. They are a testament to the hard work I’ve put into the community over the last 8 years. My goal is to bring my expertise to the table help mitigate some of the risk people face when exploring alternative esoteric spaces. Beyond my Game of Thrones ass list of titles, I serve my community as a Professional Witch & Spiritual Life Coach with Fuck Around and Find Out sensibilities. Through my shop offerings and community work, I try to push everyone around me to radiate at their highest potential but through the lens of practicality and realism. I’ll gas you up, but I’m not going to bullshit you. (or take bullshit from you)


How Do I Know if Lady Corvidae is the right witch for the job?

After 20 years of practice as a Witch and a Vampyre and 8 years of service to the Vampyre Community, I have gained a reputation in the Vampire World for my powerful, no-nonsense approach to guidance and witchcraft. As someone who is highly sought after for their realistic wisdom and assistance, I’ve forged a path offering spellwork, readings, coaching, and products to help everyone along their metaphysical journey.


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