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Sanguis Lunarum
Services Agreement

Our Vampyre Priestess Jessica Corvidae, of the Sanguis Lunarum Vampyre Sanctum would like to formally welcome you to our sacred altar & ritual space and thank you dearly for your patronage. It is my absolute pleasure to cast spellwork or perform readings to suit your needs on your behalf. Please read this entire page to understand what it is I offer, the philosophy behind it, and the Terms & Agreement for my offerings.

Spellwork & Psychic Reading Services by
Jessica Corvidae

As an awakened Vampyre and practicing witch for over 20 years, I am very passionate about my work with the vampyre current and community. I absolutely love helping others through their journeys with spirituality, witchcraft, and vampyrism by helping them decode the messages the aether has stored for you. As an empath, an intuitive reader, and a seasoned public servant, I have an enormous resume proving over a decade of dedicating my life to helping people in times of need.

By purchasing a reading or spell by Jessica Corvidae, you understand and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be 18+ years or older (or the age of consent in your country)
  • You acknowledge & understand that spellwork and readings are not a substitute for professional financial, legal, medical, or psychiatric advice.
  • You acknowledge & understand that services with The Vampyre Witch, Jessica Corvidae, and Sanguis Lunarum are not intended to replaced services of a trained medical healthcare professional or provider.
  • You understand that readings will be delivered in 1-3 days. Spellwork will be delivered in 3-5 days or by the dates allotted on the listing. Please allow 24-48 hours for delivery of documents after group spells.
  • For Legal Reasons, I must advise that all readings and spellwork are providfed for entertainmentpurposes only and no guarantees are implied nor stated.
  • Jessica Corvidae & Sanguis Lunarum can and will not be held responsible for any decisions or actions you take.

The world of witchcraft is strange and mysterious. We are dealing with living energies, not mechanical ones. It is important that you understand the living and unpredictable nature of these energies so you frame your spellwork appropriately. How spells manifest and how long they take to manifest vary widely between individuals and the types of spells.

We encourage open-mindedness, faith, and receptivity to maximize the results. Patience is part of the path… anybody peddling instantaneous spell results are not true practitioners of The Craft.

I love the work we do here!

but there’s some things you should know and agree upon…

By contracting spellwork & reading services through this website, our etsy store, or directly with Lady Corvidae, you are indicating that you have an informed belief in witchcraft, spiritualism, and the associated traditional practices. You acknowledge that you are engaging in the services of a witch to perform magic on your behalf as an attempt to manifest results that change or resolve situations in your life. You acknowledge that you understand the nature of spiritual folk magick and that although Sanguis Lanarum does guarantee that the work will be performed as contracted for, that your results may vary from the results described in relevant listings and testimonials.

While Jessica Corvidae is a highly skilled magical worker, due to the free will of the client and actions that they may take to block or disturb the magical work being done, we can make no guarantees that the work will result in a successful outcome.

No refunds are given on spellwork that has been contracted unless we fail to deliver services as described in a timely manner according to the time-frame described in spellwork listings.

Are you a real witch?

Of course! I’ve been weaving magic into my everyday life for 20 years now and I’ve been helping others weave magic into their lives for about 6 years now.

How long before the spell works?

It depends on the spell. For some spells, the effects come on very quickly but they are shorter lived. Some spells I cast can take couple weeks to completely fuse with your energies, although seeing immediate effects from the enchantment is not uncommon! Some spells are designed to work much quicker. In the coming days after the spell is complete, you may notice positive mystical alterations indicative of the spell doing it’s work. but it may take a little while for the spell to really begin to take hold and quite literally, work its magic! Discuss specifics about your spell with Lady Corvidae.

How can I help the spell process?

Relax and know you are in the capable hands of Lady Corvidae. Be open, receptive, minimize stress by taking deep breaths, and let the magick do it’s job. You have to be willing and ready for the magic to work. If I give you follow up instructions, you must do them. If you are not open, receptive, and get involved, the universe won’t provide.

What is needed to cast the spell?

Your Full Name (chosen name is fine), Birthdate, (and your target’s if there is a different target) and any pertinent background information that will help in the spellwork process.

Is it Black Magic? Will I receive backlash or bad karma?

To me, magic is neither black nor white. Magick is energy and energy doesn’t discriminate or categorize itself in such ways. Only we as people put things in neat little boxes like that. Would some people call my baneful work black magic? Yes, but usually out of fear. You have nothing to fear here though. As your practitioner, all the energy is filtered through me. Since you are not doing the work, you have nothing to worry about. There is no risk to you.

Featured Spellwork

Money Drawing Candle Spell

Looking for a quick and powerful burst of money drawing energy to help make sure you’re able to manifest your desires? Perhaps you’re looking at winning a contest, getting a raise, or games of chance.

Protection Candle Spell

Powerful Multi-day Protection Ritual Against Negativity, Harm, Evil Spirits, Malice, The Evil Eye & More

Sour Their Life Hex

For those moments where you’d really love to throw a lemon at someone’s face really hard… but that’s assault so you can’t do that. So, instead we do it spiritually!

Community Blessings Bowl

This is a perpetually active blessings bowl. The magick of this bowl is never-ending and your petition remains active for at least a year.

Featured Readings

Vampyre Awakening Reading

Are you experiencing awakening? If so, what’s next? Explore this & more with The Vampyre Witch.

3 Card Reading

Short & concise yet powerful method of divination that provides insights into a specific question or situation.

Blind Tarot/Oracle Reading

No questions asked reading enables the most important lessons come to the forefront

Success & Wealth Reading

gain insight into your career and financial life and future.

Group Spellwork

Full Moon Group Spell

Experience the incredible energy of the Full Moon and unlock its transformative potential to shape your life according to your desires

Dark Moon Group Spell

A time of new beginnings, introspection, and potent manifestation. This is a spell to cleanse ourselves and set the seeds of intention.

Community Blessings Group Ritual

Group working of my perpetually active blessings bowl. The magick of this bowl is never-ending and your petition remains active for at least a year.

Standard Spellwork

Luck Enhancing Candle Spell

Powerful burst of lucky energy to help make sure you’re able to manifest your desires? Perhaps you’re looking at winning a contest, a prize, or games of chance?


Spiritual Power Candle Spell

Harnessing the energies of the universe, this spiritual power spell invokes divine forces to empower and guide you towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.


Return the Sorrow Candle Spell

make them feel the way they made you feel with this emotions & energy rebounding spell.


Psychic Readings

What The Actual Fuck?! Reading

What the ACTUAL F⛧ck is going on?! How tf do you fix this clusterf⛤ck? Choose this tarot reading to find out!


Am I Cursed/Hexed Reading

Energy diagnostic to find out if you’ve had baneful magick used against you and advice on how to handle it.


Intuitive Advice Reading

For when you’re seeking clarity or guidance on a specific issue

For when you’re seeking clarity or guidance on a specific issue


Love & Relationships Reading

offering insight into the complexities of love and relationships


Career Reading

Gain insight into your professional life and career path.


Intensive Spellwork

Energy Detox Spell

To cleanse and heal your aura of negative energy attachments. Banish bad energy from your space and add a layer of protection to prevent future attacks or attachments.


Binding Candle Spell

Restrain or limit the actions or influence of a particular target. The primary purpose of a binding spell is to prevent someone from causing harm or interfering with others. Stop them in their tracks.


Road Opener Spell

Clear the roads and pathways before you, eliminating any hindrances or obstacles, to pave the way for you to reach and attain your goals.